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SDL2 Tutorials

This is a list of SDL2 tutorials published at Programmer's Ranch:
  1. SDL2: Setting up SDL2 in Visual Studio 2010 (30th August 2013)
  2. SDL2: Empty Window (31st August 2013)
  3. SDL2: Displaying an Image in the Window (17th November 2013)
  4. SDL2: Loading Images with SDL_image (25th November 2013)
  5. SDL2: Setting up SDL2 in Visual Studio (2013 or any other) (10th February 2014)
  6. SDL2: Keyboard and Mouse Movement (Events) (12th February 2014)
  7. SDL2: Pixel Drawing (13th February 2014)
  8. SDL2: Converting an Image to Grayscale (22nd February 2014)
  9. SDL2: Displaying text with SDL_ttf (29th March 2014)
  10. SDL2: Animations with Sprite Sheets (30th March 2014)

See the SDL2 tutorials at Gigi Labs for more.


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